Be Verbs Yes/No Questions in the Simple Present Tense

Simple Present Tense - Lesson #4

Put "am", "is", or "are" first to make a question. The be verb changes depending on the subject just like when you make a sentence.

Be verb + subject + adjective/noun?
  • Is it good?
  • Are you a writer?
  • Is he nice?
  • Are Bill and Erin married?
  • Are they engineers?
These are yes/no questions. The answer will always be yes or no.

A) Is it good?
B) Yes, it is good. / No, it is not good.

A) Is he a writer?
B) Yes, he is. / No, he isn't.

When you answer yes/no questions in English, you can use long or short answers. Take a look at the possible answers to these questions.

Are you a doctor?
  • Yes, I am a doctor.
  • Yes, I am.
  • Yes.
Is he happy?
  • No, he is not happy.
  • No, he is not.
  • No.
Example Questions
  • Am I a good friend?
  • Am I a bad boyfriend?

  • Are you tired?
  • Are you ready?
  • Are you a saleswoman?
  • Are you married?

  • Are you and I friends?
  • Are we boyfriend and girlfriend?
  • Are we late?
  • Are we the winners?

  • Is Tim a writer?
  • Is he a father?
  • Is he angry at me?
  • Is Josh sick today?

  • Is Mary a nurse or a doctor?
  • Is she a good worker?
  • Is Tina interested in art?
  • Is she crazy?

  • Is that a shark?
  • Is it water or vodka?
  • Is it good?
  • Is it ready to eat?

  • Are Tim and Sue married?
  • Are they sisters?
  • Are the animals happy in the zoo?
  • Are they okay?
  • Are the cookies delicious?
  • Are these books interesting?
English Conversation 1

A) Are you hungry?
B) Yes, I am. I am also tired.
A) I am very hungry. Let's eat something.
B) That is a good idea. Then, let's relax.

English Conversation 2

A) Are you prepared for your job interview?
B) No, I am not prepared. I am very nervous.
A) Is it a good company?
B) Yes, it is. I really want to get this job.

You can practice speaking English by finishing the questions below and then practice making your own questions. It is a great and simple way to learn English.

Tip: Say the questions aloud. This will help you practice speaking English and improve your English fluency.

Are you _______________?
Are they _______________?
Are people in your country _______________?
Is your family _______________?
Is your boss _______________?
Is the book _______________?
Is your job _______________?
Is your hometown _______________?
Is this food _______________?