Punctuation - Lesson #6

We will study how to use periods (.) in this lesson. Let's look at the different ways that we use periods when we write in English.

1. At the end of a sentence
  • She is my sister.
  • It is good.
  • We used to go to school together.
2. After a single word
  • Hello.
  • Stop.
  • Come.
3. For abbreviations

We only use these when writing.

Here is a list of the common abbreviations that everybody should know. These are used for people, streets, days, and months.

Doctor /Dr.Street / St.
Road / Rd.Avenue / Ave.
Boulevard /Blvd.Monday / Mon.
Tuesday / Tues.Wednesday / Wed.
Thursday / Thurs.Friday / Fri.
Saturday / Sat.Sunday / Sun.
January / Jan.February / Feb.
March / Mar.April / Apr.
June / Jun.July / Jul.
August / Aug.September / Sept.
October / Oct.November / Nov.
December / Dec.

Note: The month of May does not have an abbreviation because it is only three letters.

4. Numbers
  • I have $5.45.
  • The price increased by 5.25%.
  • It is 28.7 degrees Celsius.
Punctuation is essential for writing in English. Punctuation helps you express your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a way that is easy for the reader to understand.