Punctuation - Lesson #10

We will study how to use parentheses (……) in this lesson. Let's look at the different ways that we use parentheses when we write in English.

1. Use with one word, phrase, or sentence in the middle of a sentence. The information in the parentheses gives additional information or further explanation.
  • Parentheses (also known as round brackets) are one kind of punctuation.
  • Bill (our neighbor) is too loud.
  • She finally said (after thinking for about 10 minutes) that she would accept the job.
2. Used to give additional information or information that clarifies at the end of a sentence. We can put it as a new sentence, or just add to the end of the sentence.
  • This is a great movie. (See for yourself.)
  • Please read the explanation (you will understand after you read it).
Punctuation is essential for writing in English. Punctuation helps you express your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a way that is easy for the reader to understand.