Punctuation - Lesson #4

We will study how to use commas (,) in this lesson. Let's look at the different ways that we use commas when we write in English.

1. Separate clauses
  • I like it, but she doesn't like it.
  • Since it is cold, I will not go out.
  • She has a good heart, and she is funny.
  • Unless I am sick, I will attend the show.
2. Separate words in a list
  • I like pizza, hamburgers, and cookies.
  • She visited Slovenia, Poland, and Ukraine.
  • We can have Indian, Chinese, or Thai food.
3. Separate non-restrictive appositive nouns
  • My friend, Bob, will come with us.
  • She talked to her boss, Tony.
  • Buddy, my dog, is sick.
Punctuation is essential for writing in English. Punctuation helps you express your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a way that is easy for the reader to understand.