Yes/No Questions in the Present Continuous Tense

Present Continuous Tense - Lesson #3

Present continuous tells what is happening now or what is happening in the future.

We can make simple yes/no questions by putting the "be verb" first in the sentence.

Be Verb + subject + verb(-ing)…?
  • Are you working now?
  • Is he going to the store later?
  • Is mom cooking right now?
  • Is mom cooking chicken for dinner tonight?
  • Are you living with your family at the moment?
  • Is he currently working as a manager?
Like other yes/no questions, there are long and short answers. Look at the pattern below.

Are you going to the party tomorrow?
  • Yes, I am going to the party tomorrow.
  • Yes, I'm going.
  • Yes, I am. / Yes, I'm.
  • Yes.
Is he working now?
  • No, he's not working now.
  • No, he is not working.
  • No, he is not. / No, he isn't.
  • No.
A great way to learn English is to look at many examples and make your own.

Example Questions
  • Am I attending the meeting tomorrow?
  • Am I going with you tomorrow?
  • Am I bothering you?
  • Am I making too much noise?

  • Is he sleeping?
  • Is Mark working tonight?
  • Is Mary getting her haircut right now?
  • Is the computer working?
  • Is it raining?
  • Is it snowing?
  • Is the company going bankrupt?
  • Is the war going to end soon?
  • Is your company doing well?
  • Is he playing with this son in the park at the moment?
  • Is she creating a new design for the website these days?

  • Are you getting ready to leave?
  • Are you going on vacation next week?
  • Are you eating with us tonight?
  • Are you baking a cake right now?
  • Are we leaving at 6 o'clock?
  • Are they fighting?
  • Are people worrying about the situation?
  • Are the children playing at the playground?
  • Are Tina and Sam watching a movie together tonight?
  • Are the girls sleeping?
  • Are the stores opening on Christmas?
  • Are we eating spaghetti tonight for dinner?
English Conversation 1

A) Are you going to Karen's party now?
B) No, I am not going now, but I'm going later.
A) Why? I am going now. Let's go together.
B) I have to finish some homework. I am leaving after I finish my homework.
A) Okay. I will see you there.

English Conversation 2

A) Is the conference being held in New York this year?
B) I don't think so. I think it is being held in London.
A) Are you going?
B) I think so. I usually go every year. Are you going?
A) I am very busy these days, so I am only attending if I have time.

Learn to speak English fluently. Practice by finishing the questions below and then practice making your own questions. It is a great way to learn English.

Tip: Say the questions aloud. This will help you practice speaking English and improve your English fluency.

Are you _______________ now?
Are you _______________ this weekend?
Is he _______________ at the moment?
Is he _______________ later today?
Is he _______________ next year?
Is she ______________ now?
Are we _______________ tonight?
Are they ______________ right now?