Sentences about the Future in the Present Continuous Tense

Present Continuous Tense - Lesson #5

The present continuous tense can be used in two ways:
  1. to talk about right now (I am writing a grammar lesson.)
  2. to talk about plans or arrangements in the future (I am meeting Sam tomorrow.)
In this lesson, we will only look at when the present continuous is used to talk about the future.

Here is the sentence pattern.

Subject + be verb + present participle…

We use these sentences to talk about future plans, arrangements, or things that have been decided.
  • I am meeting my friend tonight.
  • She is going on a trip next week.
  • He is driving to his parent's house next weekend.
  • They are going to China next year.
It is usually easy to tell if the sentence is talking about right now or the future. We can usually know from the time words.
  • I am eating now.
  • I am eating with her tonight.
Put "not" after the "be verb" to make a negative sentence. We can also use contractions.
  • He isn't working tomorrow.
  • I am not going to Russia next month.
  • She is not attending the party tonight.
  • They aren't practicing later.
  • We aren't participating in the play.
These sentences and questions are used often and are very important to know. Make sure you practice a lot.

Example Sentences
  • I am meeting her in an hour.
  • I am going to Europe next year.
  • I am not seeing a movie tonight with my friend tonight.

  • We are living together next month.
  • We are traveling with our friends this weekend.
  • We aren't working together on the next project.

  • He is making a cake for us tomorrow.
  • He is not leaving our company at the end of the month.
  • Jon isn't trying to find a new job next year.

  • She is watching a movie with her kids tomorrow.
  • She is going to the hair salon later today.
  • She isn't flying on her next trip, she is driving.

  • The bakery is not opening tomorrow.
  • The movie is not playing tonight.
  • It is not starting for one hour.

  • They are going to a Halloween party next Friday.
  • They are going out to dinner tonight.
  • The students are working on their school project this weekend.
English Conversation 1

A) I am planning a trip to Europe.
B) That sounds amazing. Who will you go with?
A) I am still considering that.
B) How about me?
A) Do you really want to go?
B) Yes, I am being serious.
A) Okay. Let's go together. It will be so much fun. I'm leaving in September.
B) That is perfect for me.

English Conversation 2

A) How are you today?
B) I am really good. I am excited for this weekend.
A) Why are you excited?
B) Because I am going to the beach with friends from university.
A) How cool! What are you doing now?
B) I am going to the store now. I need to buy some things for my trip.
A) Well, have fun and be safe.

Finish the sentences and questions below and then make your own. It is a great and simple way to improve your English.

Tip: Say the sentences and questions aloud. This will help you practice speaking English and improve your English fluency.

I am ________________ tonight.
If the weather is nice, he is ________________ this weekend.
He is ________________ with his friends tomorrow.
They are ________________ soon.
He is ________________ next week.
She is ________________ next year.
I am thinking about ________________ next year.
We are ________________ later.