Yes/No Questions in the Past Tense

Past Tense - Lesson #7

When we make a yes/no question with a verb in the past tense, we need to use the following sentence pattern.

Compare the present tense questions to the past tense questions.
  • Do you like candy? (Present)
    Did you like candy when you were young? (Past)

  • Does she go to the gym every day?
    Did she go to the gym yesterday?
Notice that present tense questions like this begin with "Do" or "Does". And past tense questions begin with "Did". Past tense questions like this always begin with "Did".

Did + subject + verb…?

Remember that the "verb" in this question does not change to past tense form. Why? Because the past tense is represented by the word "did". "Did" is the past tense of "do".
  • Did you eat breakfast this morning?
  • Did it rain last night?
  • Did you go on a trip last weekend?
  • Did they attend university together?
  • Did the store give you a discount?
Since these are yes/no questions, you can answer with short or long answers. Take a look at some possible answers.

Did you go to the concert?
  • Yes, I went to the concert.
  • Yes, I did.
  • Yes.
Notice that in the long answer we used the verb, but in the short answer we just used the past tense verb "did".

Did he study art in school?
  • No, he did not study art in school.
  • No, he didn't study art in school.
  • No, he did not. / No, he didn't.
  • No.
Example Questions
  • Did I do a good job?
  • Did I win?
  • Did I forget something?

  • Did you like the movie?
  • Did you have a good weekend?
  • Did you major in biology?

  • Did we finish all the work last week?
  • Did we win?
  • Did we decide on our plan last meeting?

  • Did he call you yesterday afternoon?
  • Did he schedule an appointment with us?
  • Did he study business at university?

  • Did she do a good job?
  • Did she have a headache yesterday?
  • Did she go to a good university?

  • Did it snow last night?
  • Did it work?
  • Did the presentation go well?

  • Did they pay back their debt?
  • Did they change their minds?
  • Did the children have fun at the amusement park?
English Conversation 1

A) Did you see the snowstorm last night?
B) No, I didn't. I was asleep.
A) Oh man! It was crazy. It snowed for over 6 hours.
B) There is so much snow in my yard. I don't think I can go to work.
A) My work is already canceled. Call your work and find out.

English Conversation 2

A) Did you hurt your finger?
B) Yes, I hurt my finger. I played basketball with my friends yesterday and I hurt it.
A) Did you go to the hospital?
B) No, I didn't. It wasn't that bad. I just put some tape on it. It will be okay.

Practice speaking English and learn this important English grammar point by finishing the questions below and then practice making your own questions. It is the best way to learn English and improve your English fluency fast!

Tip: Say the questions aloud. This will help you practice speaking English and improve your pronunciation and fluency.

Did you _______________ when you were young?
Did you _______________ yesterday?
Did your coworker _______________?
Did you family _______________?Did your country _______________ in the past?
Did your hometown _______________ 100 years ago?
Did the girl _______________?
Did the boy _______________?
Did it _______________?