Irregular Past Tense Verbs 3

Past Tense - Lesson #10

Let's look at some more irregular English past tense verbs. In this lesson, we are studying more irregular past tense verbs that you need to know if you want to speak English fluently.

throw threwleave leftwrite wrote
sing sangsend sentwear wore

Some words do not change in the past tense and the pronunciation is the same.

hit hitset sethurt hurt
quit quitreset resetshut shut

Another word that does not change in the past tense is the verb "read". However, the pronunciation changes. "Read" is pronounced like the color "red" in the past tense.

Example Sentences
  • The boy threw the rock in the lake.
  • The girl threw the ball to the dog.
  • The baseball player threw the baseball very fast.

  • We left the party at 10 o'clock.
  • He left work at 10:30 a.m. yesterday.
  • She left her purse at work.

  • The author wrote a book two years ago.
  • The students wrote an essay about their country.
  • He wrote her a love letter.

  • I read a book last weekend.
  • I read a book on the bus this morning.
  • She read a story to her child last night.

  • The children sang a song yesterday for their parents.
  • The band sang 12 songs at the concert last night.
  • We sang the happy birthday song to her this afternoon.

  • She sent me a letter.
  • I sent her a package, but she never got it.
  • They sent us a Christmas present.

  • She wore a beautiful dress yesterday.
  • He wore a black suit to the party.
  • They wore fun costumes to the Halloween party.

  • She quit her job last week.
  • They quit smoking last year.
  • He quit his job yesterday.

  • I hurt my leg yesterday.
  • The soccer player hurt his ankle last week.
  • She hurt her finger at her boxing class.
English Conversation 1

A) You wore a very beautiful dress last night.
B) Thank you so much. I bought it last weekend.
A) Where did you buy it?
B) I bought it at a store in the mall. It was not very expensive.

English Conversation 2

A) I quit my job yesterday.
B) Good for you. I know you hated your job.
A) Yes, I did. Now, I want to do something that I really enjoy. I started to look for a new job last night.
B) Good luck. I hope you find a good one soon.

Now try making your own sentences with the English verbs we studied in this grammar lesson. If you make many sentences and practice a lot, it will help you remember this important English grammar point, and it will help you speak in the past tense in English more fluently.