Noun or Be Verb + Infintive

Gerunds and Infinitives - Lesson #7

We often use infinitives after certain nouns and in certain sentences after "be verbs". We will look at the most common ones in this lesson.

First, let's look at some nouns that can be followed by infinitives.

  • We have a chance to make a difference.
  • She made an attempt to improve her English.
  • The goal to increase revenue failed.
  • We have an opportunity to help.
  • Her refusal to help was shocking.
  • There is no way to fix it.
With some sentences, we use an infinitive after a "be verb". These are usually with nouns that are talking about the future like "goal" or "plan".
  • Her goal is to get a promotion.
  • Our plan is to finish today.
  • My intention is to find a better job.
Infinitives are a key part of the English language. Anybody who wants to learn English or speak English well must have a firm understanding of infinitives. Make sure to study the other lessons about English infinitives and gerunds. Knowing them well will help you speak English fluently and naturally.