Yes/No Questions in the Future Tense

Future Tense - Lesson #4

We can make a simple yes/no question about the future by starting a question with "will".

Will + subject + verb…?

A) Will you go to his party next Friday?
B) Yes, I will go to his party.

A) Will she come to work today?
B) No, she will not come to work today.

A) Will it rain tomorrow?
B) I don't know if it will rain. Check the weather channel.

Use this pattern with adjectives, nouns, or prepositional phrases.

Will + subject + be + adjective/noun….?

A) Will the movie be funny?
B) Yes, the movie will be funny.

A) Will she be angry?
B) No, she won't.

A) Will she be at the party?
B) No, she said that she will not come to the party.

We can also use "Will you…?" to ask somebody for a favor or help. Look at a few examples.

A) Will you give this to your boss?
B) Sure, no problem.

A) Will you help me check this work?
B) I am sorry, but I can't. I have a lot of work to do.

Add the word please to make it more polite. We can add please in different places.

A) Will you please help me?
B) Sure.

A) Will you come here, please?
B) Okay.

A) Please, will you check this?
B) No problem.

Just like other yes/no questions, we can answer with a short or long answer.

Will you go to the party?
  • Yes, I will go to the party. / Yes, I‘ll go to the party.
  • Yes, I will go. / Yes, I'll go.
  • Yes, I will. / Yes, I'll.
  • Yes.
Will he give a speech?
  • No, he will not give a speech. / No, he won't give a speech.
  • No, he will not go. / No, he won't go.
  • No, he will not. / No, he won't.
  • No.
Notice that it is possible to end a sentence with "will not" or "won't. We can end a sentence with "will", but we cannot end a sentence with a positive contraction, for example, "she'll".

Get some extra English practice with these very useful and important questions.

Example Questions
  • Will I like it?
  • Will I need it on my trip?
  • Will I be impressed by his presentation?

  • Will you attend the meeting?
  • Will you show me the way?
  • Will you be at the meeting?
  • Will you please help me with this project?
  • Will you carry this, please?

  • Will he like his birthday present?
  • Will he be uncomfortable at the party?
  • Will he help us?
  • Will Tim be there?

  • Will she trust us?
  • Will she be on vacation next week?
  • Will she want to go to the park with us next weekend?
  • Will Mary want to eat when she comes?

  • Will it be cold tomorrow?
  • Will it be fun?
  • Will it be exciting?
  • Will the show be boring?
  • Will the store be closed tomorrow?
  • Will this product be helpful?

  • Will they like our gift?
  • Will they want to come with us?
  • Will they call us later?
  • Will the shoes be cheap?
  • Will the plane tickets be expensive?
  • Will the girls be angry?
English Conversation 1

A) Will the weather be nice tomorrow?
B) It will rain all day tomorrow.
A) That's terrible. I want to go to the beach.
B) I will go to the beach next weekend. Why don't you come with me?
A) Great idea.

English Conversation 2

A) Will Janice be at the meeting today?
B) I don't think so.
A) She didn't come to the meetings last week, too.
B) I know. She is very busy with other things.
A) I am busy, too. I will be angry if she doesn't come today.

Practice speaking English and improve your English grammar by finishing the questions below and then practice making your own questions. It is the best way to learn English and improve your English fluency fast! Also, do not forget to try using it in real life.

Tip: Say the questions aloud. This will help you practice speaking English and improve your English pronunciation and fluency.

Will you _______________ tomorrow?
Will you _______________ next year?
Will you _______________?
Will you _______________ before _______________?
Will your company _______________?
Will your friend _______________?
Will the weather be _______________ tomorrow?