Will Not and Won't

Future Tense - Lesson #3

In the last lesson, we talked about making simple future tense sentences with the word "will". Now, let's see how to make negative sentences with "will".

We use "will + not" to make a negative sentence in the future tense.

Subject + will not + verb…
  • I will not exercise today.
  • She will not quit her job.
  • They will not send their son to art school.
We make negative sentences with "will not be" when using adjectives, nouns, or prepositional phrases.
  • He will not be a professional baseball player. He is not good.
  • It will not be cold tomorrow.
  • He will not be at the office tonight.
The contraction for "will not" is "won't". We can use it with all subjects.

Here are some examples.
  • I won't exercise today.
  • She won't quit her job.
  • The weather channel says that it won't rain tomorrow.
  • We won't go if it is too cold.
  • Michael and Nick won't participate in the show.
Practice makes perfect, so make sure to get extra practice below.

Example Sentences
  • I will not dance at the party.
  • I will not be at your show this Saturday. I'm sorry.
  • I won't tell her.
  • I won't believe it until I see it.

  • You will not like this news.
  • You will be a great mother.
  • You won't see her at the party.
  • You won't be bored. The movie is very exciting.

  • He will not believe the news.
  • Jason will not buy a new car.
  • He won't need to bring anything.
  • Tim won't come to the meeting this afternoon.

  • She will not want to go.
  • Grace will not care if you come.
  • She won't lie to you.
  • Mary won't get angry.

  • It will not rain next week.
  • The traffic will not be bad.
  • It won't stop until tomorrow.
  • Your order won't be ready before Tuesday.

  • They will not yell at you.
  • Jan and Ben will not talk to each other.
  • They won't try their best.
  • The students won't study hard.
English Conversation 1

A) I won't go to Mary's party next Friday.
B) Why not?
A) Mary and I got in a huge fight yesterday. I won't have fun.
B) Come on. Mary is nice. Talk to her and make up with her. The party will be a lot of fun.

English Conversation 2

A) I think many people will go to the beach this weekend.
B) You're right. It will be so hot. Will you go?
A) I won't go. I don't want to sit in traffic for hours.
B) I will leave early and try to avoid the traffic.
A) Good luck.

Improve your English grammar and learn to speak fluently with this simple practice. Finish the sentences below and then practice making your own sentences. It is a great way to learn English grammar and speaking.

Tip: Say the sentences aloud. This will help you practice speaking English and improve your pronunciation and fluency.

I will not _______________ tomorrow.
I won't _______________ next week.
She will not be _______________.
I think the movie won't be _______________.
The students will not _______________.
If it rains tomorrow, we won't _______________.
He will not _______________ if it is too expensive.
Mark and Tina won't _______________ until next year.
They will not _______________ until they are older.