Questions - What / Where / When in the Future Tense

Future Tense - Lesson #5

We can use "will" with any of the question words to make future tense questions.

In this lesson, we will focus on the words what, where, and when.
  • "What" asks about a thing.
  • "Where" asks about a place.
  • "When" asks about a time.
Question Word + will + subject + verb…?

A) What will you do tomorrow?
B) I will go to my parent's house.

A) Where will he go during his vacation?
B) He will go to Africa.

A) When will the game start?
B) It will start soon.

We can make negative questions by using "will + subject + not + verb" or "won't + subject + verb".

However, negative questions are not very common with what, where, and when. These kinds of questions are usually used to show surprise or as a joke.

A) I am so hungry. I will eat ice cream, pancakes, cookies, spaghetti, and pizza.
B) Wow! What will you not eat?

We can also make questions with an adjective, noun, or prepositional phrase.

Question Word + will + subject + be…?
  • When will he be here?
  • When will it be fun?
  • Where will the beach be empty?
  • What will be in the package?
  • What will be his nickname?
Sometimes, "what" can be the subject of the question.

What + will be + noun?

A) What will be your baby's name?
B) My baby's name will be Megan.

A) What will be the color of the house?
B) The color of the house will be red.

A) What will be your job?
B) My job will be to assist customers with their problems.

We can also use a noun after the question words "what" or "which". These questions are more specific. For future tense questions, we will put "will" after the noun.

What + (kind of) noun + will + subject + verb…?
Which + noun + will + subject + verb…?

A) What cities will you visit on your trip?
B) I will visit Tokyo and Seoul.

A) What kind of sandwich will you get?
B) I will get the ham and cheese sandwich.

A) Which car will he buy?
B) He will buy the red car.

A) Which movie will you see with Ben?
B) Ben and I will see the new Brad Pitt movie.

We can also use an adjective, noun, or prepositional phrase with these sentences.

What/Which + noun + will + subject + (not) be…?

We can also use a prepositional phrase after "be".
  • What time will you be ready?
  • What hotel will you be at?
Oftentimes, the noun after "what" or "which" is the subject of the sentence. Here is the sentence pattern when that is the case.

What/Which + noun + will (not) be…?
  • What dish will be good?
  • What day will be the best?
  • What hotel will be available?
These are important questions that you will need to use in daily life and at work when you speak English. So, make sure to study them hard and you will be happy later.

Example Questions
  • What will you do this summer?
  • What will we say to our boss tomorrow?
  • What will he cook for Christmas dinner?
  • What will she buy for her friend's birthday gift?
  • What will Erin study at graduate school?
  • What will the sign say?
  • What will they donate to the charity?
  • What will the children do after school tomorrow?
  • What will be the goal of this project?
  • What will be your job?

  • Where will you go on your next trip?
  • Where will we need to visit on our business trip?
  • Where will he buy flowers for his wife?
  • Where will she have her wedding?
  • Where will Erin move to after university?
  • Where will the injured lion live?
  • Where will they live?
  • Where will the scientists do their research?
  • Where will it be rainy?
  • Where will it be dry?

  • When will you go home tonight?
  • When will you leave on your trip?
  • When will she be finished?
  • When will he be here?
  • When will Jon submit his proposal?
  • When will it arrive?
  • When will the concert start?
  • When will the cookies be done?
  • When will they call?
  • When will the cookies be ready?
  • When will the weather be warm?

  • What countries will you visit on your trip next year?
  • What plants will we grow in our garden?
  • What projects will she work on next week?
  • What food will he make for us?
  • What phone will you buy?
  • What animals will the children see at the zoo tomorrow?
  • What day will the grand opening be?
  • What time will we finish?
  • What time will the show finish?
  • What time will the play start?
  • What time will our room be ready?

  • Which countries in South America will you visit?
  • Which sandwich will you order?
  • Which competitor will he move to?
  • Which movie will we watch?
  • Which house will you live in?
  • Which one will be the best?
  • Which one will be the best for me?
English Conversation 1

A) Where will you go on vacation?
B) We will go to London.
A) That's nice. When will you leave?
B) My family will leave tomorrow, but I will leave in 2 days.
A) Why is that?
B) I have to attend an important meeting tomorrow, so I will leave a day later than my family.

English Conversation 2

A) Where will you go this weekend?
B) I will go to the park or to the museum.
A) I think it will rain this weekend.
B) In that case, I will go to the museum. Do you want to come?
A) I can't. I will visit my parents this weekend.

Learn to speak better English and improve your English grammar by simply doing this basic practice exercise. First, complete the questions with your own answers, and then practice making your own questions. Finally, use this grammar in real life.

Tip: Say the questions aloud. This will help you practice speaking English and improve your English pronunciation and fluency.

What will you _______________ tomorrow?
What will you _______________?
Where will he _______________?
When will the show _______________?
When will _______________?
Where will _______________ next summer?
What will _______________?
What time will you _______________?
What __________ will he _______________?
Which __________ will _______________?