Future Continuous Tense Overview

Future Continuous Tense - Lesson #1

The future continuous is a combination of the simple future tense (I will eat) and the present continuous tense (I am eating).

It is used to talk about what we will be doing at a certain time in the future. It is used for actions that will last for a certain amount of time in the future.

We only make these sentences and questions with action verbs.

Use this sentence pattern.

Subject + will be + present participle…
  • I will be working from 5 to 8 tomorrow.
  • She will be spending time with her children all day tomorrow.
  • They will be attending the conference all weekend.
Here is how you make a yes/no question.

Will + subject + be + present participle…?
  • Will you be working this weekend?
  • Will she be participating in the event next weekend?
  • Will the children be sleeping when we get home?
Here is how you make a question with a question word.

Question Word + will + subject + be + present participle…?
  • What will you be doing tomorrow night?
  • Where will they be sleeping when they come?
  • Who will you be working with on the next project?
Here are some other questions. We will look at these in more detail in the following lessons.
  • What time will you be coming?
  • Which hotel will you be staying at?
  • Who will be coming?
  • What will be happening at the festival?
This lesson is just a brief overview of the future continuous tense. In the next lessons, we will look at this English grammar point in more detail. English grammar can be difficult, so make sure to study these free English grammar lessons in detail and come back and review often. Getting consistent practice and review is the best way to learn English.