What / Such - Pre-determiners

Determiners - Lesson #9

We use "what" and "such" to express surprise, anger, or other strong emotions.

"What" and "such" are both used to show strong emotions and to emphasize, but the sentences are different.

What + article + (adjective) + noun!

It is not necessary to have an adjective, but they are commonly used in these sentences.
  • What a great day!
  • What a bad guy!
  • What a hard problem!
  • What an interesting idea!
  • What a big building!
Note: When we write sentences like these, we usually put an exclamation mark (!) at the end.

Subject + verb + such + article + adjective + noun
  • She is such a nice lady.
  • It is such a nice day today.
  • They are such good friends.
  • She made such a large amount of food.
  • They worked such a long time on this project.
You will hear this basic English grammar a lot when you have conversations in English or when you watch English TV shows or movies. So, take the time to study it well. You will be happy later that you spent the time to learn this English grammar point with this free grammar lesson.