Other / Another - Determiners of Difference

Determiners - Lesson #5

"Another" and "other" are used to talk about something different or additional. We use them before a noun.

"Another" is used before a singular noun (one noun). It has the same meaning as "a different one" or "one more".
  • My steak is cold. I want another one.
    (another one = a different steak)

  • That steak was delicious, but I am still hungry. I want another one.
    (another one = one more)

  • This computer doesn't work. I will try another one.
  • Can I have another cup of coffee?
  • Do you want another cookie?
  • Do we have time to watch another movie?
"Other" is used before plural nouns and non-countable nouns. It has the same meaning as "different ones" or "different kind of".
  • The chocolate cookie was great. I want to try the other ones.
  • Only Nick is here, but other people will come soon.
  • Does your store sell other shirts besides these?
  • Do you want to visit other places while we are out?
  • I couldn't help other customers because that customer won't stop talking!
These are two words that you need to be able to use if you want to speak English well. Take the time to study and understand them well. You will need to use them many times when you speak English.

Try making your own sentences with the English grammar that you studied in this lesson. If you have trouble making your own sentences, then look at the examples and try to make similar sentences.