Even if - Subordinating Conjunctions

Conjunctions - Lesson #11

"Even if" has a similar meaning as "even though".

"Even if" is used to say that some action or result will happen no matter what. The condition used after "even if" is often extreme. It is often used to emphasize that some action or result will happen.

The difference between "even if" and "even though" is that "even though" is used to talk about a real situation or event and "even if" is just thinking about a possible situation.
  • She is working now even though she is sick.
  • She will work tomorrow even though she is sick.
  • She works even if she is sick.
Important: Do no use past tense or the present perfect tense with "even if". "Even if" is only used with future and present tense.

Even if + condition, + action/result
  • Even if it rains, we will play baseball.
    (=We will play baseball no matter what.)

  • Even if she doesn't study, she will pass the test because she is smart.
    (=She will pass the test no matter what.)
Action/Result + even if + condition
  • She works even if she is sick.
  • They attend every concert at the club even if they do not like the band.
If you need to use the past tense, then use "even though".
  • She came even though she was sick.
    (She came even if she was sick.)
We can also use "even if" with unreal conditionals. In these sentences, we use past tense verbs, but we are not talking about the past. These talk about imaginary or unreal situations
  • She would come even if she were sick.
  • Even if I won the lottery, I wouldn't quit my job.
Learn to speak better English and improve your English grammar by simply doing this basic practice exercise. First, complete the sentences with your own answers, and then practice making your own sentences. Finally, try using this grammar in real life.

Even if I am tired, I should _______________.
Even if it rains tomorrow, I need to _______________.
She always _______________ even if she _______________.
He exercises even if _______________.
Even if _______________ we must _______________.
She will get the promotion even if _______________.
Even if _______________, _______________.
I will _______________ even if _______________.
Even if I won the lottery, I wouldn't _______________.
I wouldn't _______________ even if I got paid a million dollars to do it.