Correlative Conjunctions

Conjunctions - Lesson #13

These are the correlative conjunctions that we must know.
  • both…and…
  • either…or…
  • neither…nor…
  • not only…but also…
These are conjunctions that are used in pairs. They can connect two words, phrases, or sentences.

We can use these at the beginning of a sentence.
  • Both yoga and Jujitsu are great ways to exercise.
  • Both going on a picnic and taking a walk in the park are great ways to spend a weekend.
  • Either Chinese or Indian food would be a good choice.
  • Either stop complaining or give us a solution.
  • Neither Mark nor Jon has a sister.
  • Neither connecting to Wi-Fi nor using data is working.
  • Not only apples but also grains like oatmeal are a great source of fiber.
  • Not only does she like baseball, but she also likes basketball.
When we use "or" and "nor", use the be verb "is" and add an "-s" to the end of action verbs. We treat the two things as separate things. However, when we use "both…and…" then we consider them together.
  • Either pizza or chicken is good.
  • Both pizza and chicken are good.
  • Neither Karen nor Sally works here.
  • Both Karen and Sally work here.
We can also use these in the middle of a sentence.
  • She thinks that both playing video games and reading comic books are a waste of time.
  • You can visit both the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre in one day.
  • She either will call us or just show up.
  • We can eat either sandwiches or pasta.
  • We can neither talk about nor confirm that report.
  • She eats neither beef nor pork.
  • We will not only talk about the causes of global warming but also the economic effects of it.
  • They are thinking about not only quitting their jobs but also selling their house and spending an entire year traveling around the country camping.
Practice speaking English and improve your English grammar by finishing the sentences below and then practice making your own sentences. It is an effective way to learn English and improve your English fluency fast. Also, try using it in real life.

Both _______________ and _______________ are good for our health.
I would like to both _______________ and _______________ next weekend.
It is not possible to both _______________ and _______________.
We need to either _______________ or _______________.
You should either _______________ or _______________.
Either _______________ or _______________ if you want to find a good job.
He can neither _______________ nor _______________.
The sell neither _______________ nor _______________.
Neither _______________ nor _______________ is a good way to make friends.
I like not only _______________, but also _______________.
Everybody likes her because she is not only _______________, but also _______________.
In the future, I would like to not only _______________, but also _______________.