Adverbs of Frequency

Adverbs - Lesson #3

We can use adverbs of frequency to tell how often we do something or how often something happens. Here is a list of the most common adverbs of frequency.

hardly evernormallyoccasionallyoften

We put adverbs of frequency after the subject of a sentence.

Subject + adverb of frequency + verb…
  • I always wake up at 8 am.
  • She frequently visits her parents.
  • They usually play basketball together.
  • She never eats dessert.
  • I hardly ever drink wine.
  • We normally eat dinner at 7.
  • He occasionally goes home early from work.
  • She often complains about her job.
  • We rarely fight.
  • I regularly get a health checkup.
  • My teacher seldom gets angry.
  • They sometimes do not work hard.
We put adverbs of frequency after "be verbs".

Subject + be verb + adverb of frequency…
  • She is always tired.
  • They are never late.
  • It is sometimes cold.
  • We are usually tired after playing soccer.
  • He is seldom angry.
The words "sometimes" and "occasionally" can be used more freely. We can also put them at the beginning of a sentence.
  • Sometimes, it is cold.
  • Occasionally, we go on a picnic.
Instead of using an adverb of frequency, it is also possible to tell how often by adding a time phrase at the end of a sentence.
  • I exercise every morning.
  • We go hiking once in a while. (once in a while = sometimes)
  • He works every day.
  • They exercise 3 days a week.
  • She takes an art class twice a month.
  • I visit my family once a year.
  • We go there 2 times every 3 months.
These adverbs can help add important information to your sentences. They are used a lot and very important to know. Spend time studying and practicing with these important adverbs.

Improve your English grammar and learn to speak fluently with this simple practice. Finish the sentence below and then practice making your own sentences. It is the best way to learn English fast!

I always _______________.
I always _______________ in the morning.
I always _______________ before I go to bed.
I never _______________.
I never _______________ in the morning.
We often _______________ on the weekend.
He is sometimes _______________.
I am usually _______________ at work.
My family often _______________.
My company rarely _______________.
My friend hardly ever _______________.
My friend is hardly ever _______________.