Adjective Word Order

Adjectives - Lesson #4

When a noun is modified by more than one adjective, we usually use the following order. But most of the time we do not need to worry about this because we usually do not use many adjectives in one sentence.

Here is the natural word-order for adjectives. If one kind of adjective is not present in the sentence, then we skip to the next one.
  1. Size (small, big, tall, etc.)
  2. An opinion or quality (beautiful, good, strange, etc.)
  3. Age or temperature (new, hot, ancient, etc.)
  4. Shape (round, square, etc.)
  5. Color (green, black, red, etc.)
  6. Origin (German, Korean, Brazilian, etc.)
  7. Material (glass, cotton, silk, etc.)
We do not need to separate the adjectives with commas when the sentence ends in a noun.
  • She has a big beautiful round green Korean vase.
  • They live in a small cozy red wooden house.
  • That is an interesting ancient Persian text.
We use commas or the word "and" when we are listing adjectives.
  • She is nice, funny, and interesting.
  • The house is big, red, and old.
Notice that there is no noun at the end of the sentence. That is because the adjectives are modifying the subjects at the beginning of the sentences.